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What causes tooth sensitivity?

Sensitive teeth are an issue that plagues many of us and it’s time to have this annoying issue explained by your local dentist.

What happens when you get sensitive teeth?

The nerves in your teeth can detect changes in temperature and can begin to become “oversensitive” and cause a painful or sharp cold sensation when consuming cold foods such as a cold drink, ice-cream, slushies etc. In severe cases, teeth can also become sensitive to hot soups, tea, coffee etc.

What are the causes of sensitive teeth?

Acid consumption: consumption of dietary acids such as lemon juice, vinegar, orange juices, coke can result in acid erosion of the teeth and thinning of the enamel layer which may result in sensitivity.

Abrasion: Teeth can be worn down and the enamel layers can be scrubbed away by over-brushing the teeth using a hard bristle tooth brush and the wrong tooth brushing technique.

Attrition: Teeth can be worn down by grinding and clenching the teeth at night and the surface enamel may be worn away.

Decay: Dental decay or holes in teeth can destroy part of the tooth’s tissues and result in sensitivity or even nerve pain as the hole is exposing a deeper part of the tooth than is usually exposed.

What can you do to prevent sensitivity?

Your dentist may recommend the use of a sensitive toothpaste, changes to toothbrushing methods,

Fillings or applying some topical fluorides such as Tooth Mousse Plus. It is probably best to check with your dentist what is the best approach to take to prevent sensitive teeth in your case.


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