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Article 9. Teeth Grinding

What is Teeth Grinding or Bruxism?

Teeth Grinding is the act of grinding or clenching the teeth by engaging the chewing muscles and scraping the teeth against each other. The condition of grinding the teeth subconsciously at night is known as bruxism. It is loud and can be quite noisy for other people who sleep in the same room as you. It is a parafunctional habit which usually occurs during sleeping.

What causes Teeth Grinding or Bruxism?

Bruxism is usually caused by stress or anxiety. It can also be caused by an abnormal bite or missing or crooked teeth which means the teeth are not in the correct alignment. Sleep breathing disorders are also a cause of teeth grinding.

What can be identified as the signs of Teeth Grinding?

-Headaches in the temple region

-Jaw pain- pain in the jaw joint and chewing muscles of the face and tense sensation in these muscles

-Chipped front teeth

-Front teeth appear shorter

-Straight edge on front teeth

-Yellow top edge of lower front teeth

-Pain when chewing

-Crater like appearance on molars and premolars

-Cracks in teeth on the surface of teeth

-Chipped off or broken back teeth

-Commonly broken or chipped fillings

-Clicking or grinding of the jaw joint

-Sometimes locking of the Jaw closed or open lock in severe cases

-Sensitive teeth

What are the treatment options for bruxism?

-Wear an occlusal splint at night

-Apply heat pack to sore or tight muscles

-Jaw muscle exercises as advised by your dentist

-Injections to reduce the jaw muscles

-Reducing stress through meditation, deep breathing exercises

-Improving alignment of teeth through orthodontics

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