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Article 4. Wisdom teeth

What are Wisdom teeth?

They are the 3rd molars and are the last teeth at the very back of your jaw. They typically erupt at a later time than the rest of your teeth and tend to come through at the young adult period in life.

Why do wisdom teeth hurt when they come through?

Pain in the upper or lower jaw can often be the first sign that your wisdom teeth are causing problems. You may feel a sensation of pressure in the back of your mouth. Also, the gum tissue around the erupting wisdom tooth often becomes sensitive, swollen and inflamed. However, you may also feel no pain at all.

How can you find out if your wisdom teeth are causing problems?

It is best to go for a general dental check-up or a consultation with your dentist to assess the condition of your wisdom teeth. They can be infected, decayed, cause resorption of the tooth in front of the wisdom tooth and cause your teeth to be crooked. Your dentist will take an OPG X-ray which is a wide X-ray to check for the presence of, location and shape of your wisdom teeth.

What kind of treatments are available for wisdom teeth pain?

Dentist can perform deep cleans for the gum around the wisdom tooth if it is to become infected. We can also remove the wisdom teeth which is usually the recommended course of treatment as it can prevent future problems and damage to your teeth especially as wisdom teeth issues always seem to be most prominent when you are at a busy stage

in your life ie. Work deadlines or exams and have no time to receive the treatment required for them.

Our dentist, Dr Katrina Zhao is both skilled and experienced in the removal of all types of wisdom teeth. She has a gentle approach and will explain all the information regarding your wisdom tooth before you make a decision as to what you would like to do for them.


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