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Article 11. Invisalign for Crowded teeth

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

What is crowding?

- Crowding is the misalignment of the teeth caused by having large teeth within a small jaw.

- Not having adequate space for the teeth can cause them to be crowded or rotated (turned around)

- It is usually called crooked teeth

What are some of the negative effects of crowding?

- crowded teeth become difficult to brush and keep clean.

- they may be more prone to decay and gum disease as they are difficult to clean.

- crowded teeth may be more prone to chipping during grinding as they experience uneven tooth wear

- crowded teeth may not be aesthetic

- crowded teeth may be difficult to chew with or speak with (in severe cases)

How does Invisalign treatment create more space for all of your teeth to fit in neatly in your arch?

- During Invisalign, your dentist may begin by slenderizing your teeth- creating very small discreet spaces between the teeth to make enough room for all of them to fit.

- Invisalign can create expansion of your arch by pushing your teeth outwards especially your back teeth if you have a narrow arch

- In severe cases of crowding, your dentist may recommend you to remove teeth to create enough room

How does Invisalign move your teeth to the right positions in an accurate manner?

- Attachments are applied by your dentist to the surface of your teeth and your Invisalign aligners grab on to these attachments and use gentle gradual force to move them into the correct position

- Power ridges may be added to improve the results.

- Invisalign has a special superior technology embedded into its plastic that creates the most ideal forces for moving teeth gently but also accurately.


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